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History and Education class participates in Book Talk with author of Color in the Classroom 

Reposted from History and Education. Written by Michael Vlahovic.

Together with the Gottesman Libraries, the Program in History and Education sponsored a Book Talk with historian Zoe Burkholder on February 28, 2012. Burkholder recently published Color in the Classroom: How American Schools Taught Race 1900-1954 (New York: Oxford, 2011). As described by the publisher, “Color in the Classroom reveals how …

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Spotlight on Music and Education Student: Rosa Lee 

Reposted from Arts & Humanities. Written by Pressible Staff.

by Keisha Hutchins Hirlinger Master’s in Education in Music student, Rosa Lee, uses both her spiritual practice and educational experiences to inform her performance practice. You can hear her inspired performance at her Master’s Piano Recital on Friday, December 16th at 7:30 in Milbank Chapel. You studied at Julliard and earned both your bachelor’s and …

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Social Studies Doctoral Students Present at the NCSS Annual Conference 

Reposted from Social Studies & Education. Written by Liz Hoelzle.

On December 2-4, 2011, Social Studies educators from across the country convened in Washington DC at the 91st National Council for the Social Studies Annual Conference. The gathering offered a plethora of learning opportunities for participants around the theme of Dimensions of Diversity. The three-day event was kicked off with a series of pre-conference clinics …

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Imagination, Possibility, and Wide-awakeness: Maxine Greene’s Salon at the Creativity, Imagination, and Innovation Symposium 

Reposted from Arts & Humanities. Written by Christine Gentry.

I have not seen Maxine Greene since the final day of the life-changing course that I took with her last Fall: Education and the Aesthetic Experience. And now here she is, perched in the middle of the stage, one delicate hand grasping the other across her belly. She looks fabulous—dressed to the nines, lipstick, gold …

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Event Photos: Spirit Improv 2011 

Reposted from Music & Music Education. Written by Oyeniran Oyedeji.

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Creativity Salon with Dr. Lori Custodero and the Haftecks 

Reposted from Music & Music Education. Written by Carey Reed.

Written by Evelyn Troester. CREATIVITY IMAGINATION + INNOVATION SYMPOSIUM April 29th, 2011 “Beauty is ... the ocean.” says Claire (11) and starts to dance. With grace, imagination, purpose and incredible detail, she moves through the room - first by herself with a flowing scarf, then together with her younger sister Lucie (8). Claire and Lucie …

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Creativity, Imagination, and Innovation Seminar 

Following is something of a Cliffs Notes version of The Creativity, Imagination, and Innovation Seminar on Friday, April 29.  TC Professor Megan Laverty thanked the panelists for speaking “…with great diversity and continuity,” which was spot-on praise for the event.  If you attended this seminar and would like to tell us your thoughts, or if …

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A conversation with Symposium co-chair, Professor Margaret Crocco 

Professor Crocco, co-chair of the event, shares some thoughts on the Creativity, Imagination, and Innovation in Education Symposium: What’s the goal… and why now? The Symposium is a unique opportunity to learn about the ways in which creativity, imagination, and innovation function throughout the educational enterprise. Premised on the notion of "ubiquitous creativity" and linking …

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University Seminar on Innovation in Education, with Lori Custodero & Margaret Crocco 

Recently, a Columbia University Seminar took place in TC's Gottesman Library to discuss the Creativity, Imagination, and Innovation in Education Symposium. Hosted by Ron Gross, the conversation centers around the themes of the Symposium, and such questions as What is creativity and why is it important? What threatens the cultivation of creativity in today's students? …

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